3 to 5 minutes

This video is the smallest of the bunch, but it packs a lot. It summarizes the entire day making sure you get to see a bit of everything. It is the perfect length to share online with your family and friend and it serves as a perfect appetizer for your longer length videos.


14 to 18 minutes

The middle child of the family, this one tells the story of your wedding day through cinematic editing, overlapping different sequences of the day for a seamless experience. You get to see more of everything and get to dive more into the emotions of the day.


Upward of 30 minutes

The longest in length, this video allows you to relive the day to its smallest details. You get more of everything as well as a lot of flexibility regarding what you want included. You want the entire ceremony? No problem! Or maybe let’s just shorten it to 10 minutes rather than 40. You got it! You also get the full unedited speeches as well as anything else that may be special to your wedding (rehearsed first dance, games, sweets table, etc.).